Solid Timber

Solid timber flooring creates a beautifully luxurious living space that sets the tone for your entire home.

Style It Flooring offer only the best in solid timber flooring in the well-known and trusted Hurford Flooring. The Hurford Hardwood range uses state of the art manufacturing techniques, which maximise the use of the resource by producing flooring that is incredibly stable, perfect for installing over a solid subfloor.

From the golden honey tones of the majestic Tallowwood through to warm nutty hues of the straight grained New England Blackbutt, Style It Flooring offers an extensive range of solid timber flooring to suit the unique look and style of every home.

Our collection of solid timber flooring is sourced from sustainably managed forests, precision milled , and dried using solar kiln technology. The Style It Flooring range of traditional hardwood flooring boasts a better than carbon neutral footprint and will last a lifetime.

Species: Blackbutt, Brushbox, Blue Gum, French Oak, Flooded, Gum, Grey Box, Grey Ironbark, New England Blackbutt, Red Ironbark, Silvertop Stringybark, Spotted Gum and Tallowwood.
Grade: Select, Prestige, Standard, Feature, Provincial and Rustic

Include the following matrix but to be done in the Style It Colours – Logos supplied (Matrix – Ultra 10 Logo, Matrix Fourteen Logo)

Product Width Thickness
Ultra 10 86mm 10mm
Overlay 83mm 12mm, 14mm
Fourteen 130mm, 180mm 14mm
Traditional flooring 80mm, 130mm 18mm
Wide board flooring 180mm, 210mm 21mm, 23mm

N:B Not all timber species available in all sizes and grades. Further information available upon enquiry.